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May I use part of the information from this post above if I give a link back to this site?

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I have a question for the webmaster/admin here at

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I have a message for the webmaster/admin here at

May I use part of the information from your post right above if I provide a link back to your site?

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How I can download documents from WikiLeaks? By the way, anybody home?!

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Thanks for sharing this link - but unfortunately it seems to be not working? Does anybody here at have a mirror or another source?

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Did you know that USA and Europe blocked Wikileaks? What do you think about it? Hope for no silence bye bye ;))

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Thanks for sharing this link - but unfortunately it seems to be down? Does anybody here at have a mirror or another source?

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Contact with relatives

Hello, tell me please, I am now in China, and my parents are in Kiev how to make so communicate with me less? I found just such a an article, maybe someone has used a similar service, or heard of him? Tell me please whether this actually real?

Sometimes the issue of the extension of a business is getting very important for your companionship. Very often it happens that organization provides great service, it has well organized customer support, but at the same time almost all neighbor cities already have bought your product and sales falls down fast. Now and again such condition becomes a reason of the bankruptcy of really promising enterprises. Is there any way to recover from this kind of situation with interest?

It is possible to expand marketing section which can lightly enhance recurrent sales. It is also possible to spend more money for the commercial. Which is also very important section of the costs and income. Beside this you can to rent an office space in nearby cities or even countries and start to expand instead of crashing.

But it is also not that easy as we wish it to be. Rent in the surrounding city is expensive. What is more there are additional expenses for the recruitment and educating of the new employees.

There is simple solution for such problem that is mentioned below.

Read the story and get the idea of it.

There was a regular factory in the poky hole of a place, that manufactured reinforced-plastic windows. At the start everything was simply great: skilled staff were recruited, that did not claim big payment, and the quality of the goods was really great. The rope yard had bunch of contracts, number of which even exceeded productive capacity of the company.

Proprietors of the business had decided that it would be like this for a long time, so they took a loan in order to obtain extra space. It has became even better, but all at once in half of year or so, the income decreased. For some reason decreased - and that was it. How could it happen? Why could it happened? Where were the orders?

But what did the firm do? At the start they had two sale persons that answered the phone and transferred the orders to the manufacture. Afterward in terms of the crisis firm has recruited commercial agents as they thought that the orders were much more important then the rest. The representatives of the company started to visit house holders and companies and to offer the production of the company. The firm even has pasted the advertisement, but all together increased sales just for 20 percent which were not enough even to cover loan. Because there was no outlet anymore - the whole city has purchased their goods and the firm had no one left to buy their goods.

Somehow business has been stretching out for a half of year more. They replaced everything they could with their production. They had full monopoly, but not the sales. In conditions of shutdown, employees started to retire.

Owners decided to sell the firm, as it was better to sell out it now and to get back at least part of the money. They published advertisement in newspapers and magazines about selling out and even invited few clients to take a look at the manufacture. But as there was not market for their production they did not succeed. They tried to publish advertisement in adjacent cities, but local citizens did not want to purchase goods from outsiders. Just in the central city of the region there was acceptable level of sales, but to purchase office space there was not possible because of the shortage of the money. Another problem was that the potential buyers did not want to dial inter-city numbers and to pay for roaming as well as to go to another city to buy anything.

Time waxed on and formerly the most prosperous enterprise in the area was dying.

And then the nephew came to visit the owner of the business. He came to have fun and to relax. As all youngsters of his age, he truly loved to wave Internet, and the first thing he asked about was the opportunity to find social network. It turned out that the hosts almost did not use the Internet, so the poor thing had to wave Internet from his mobile. As the nephew already has visited the factory around a year ago and liked it a lot - he asked for the opportunity to take a look at the production once again. But unexpectedly he received tactful rejection. The guy was impudent and cheerful, so he risked to clear up what had happened. And went to the plant by himself. That day there was a guard who remembered that the nephew was allowed to visit the enterprise without additional permission of the keepers. So he sneaked in the enterprise without any problem.

The guy came back home in shock and straight started to ask questions: "Why could it happened?" e.t.c. At the end he was told the truth. The guy got sad and asked for the opportunity to communicate with the sales department.. Uncle decided not to murmur and gave to his nephew such chance: - Do whatever you want, and if you need something - let me know.

The nephew pondered for a while and offered to obtain office in the capital as it is best place for sales with really big market. And after he was explained that there is some shortage of money, he had to implement creatively different way of thinking.

As usual in such cases he started to wave Google to find the answer. And it is not surprising that Google was some help. In a few minutes of the searching the link to the site that sells direct phone numbers was found. It was a savior! It turned out, that it is possible not to purchase office in the capital but to buy the number of the city needed. And just to pretend your physical presence there. Local clients will dial local number and like the result to be connected with the office that is located thousands and thousands miles away. This kind of a telephone number costs nothing in comparison with the price for office rent or purchase, but it is as helpful as office. All incoming calls diverts to the number needed, which means there is no need to recruit additional assistants and to through away money for the office space.

The company decided to try this innovation. The free test of the number was ordered. The connection turned out to be just of the best quality - clear and distinct, with no creaks and lags. The virtual number was purchased for one month. And unexpectedly they got impressive effect. There were so many orders that they had to invite back all the employees and to add second line of production.

Just in one year keepers payed off all their loans and even organized additional business. And the keys to the success were direct numbers and virtual office.

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